Learning for Leadership – Practical Leadership Resources

On this Learning for Leadership page, we have pulled together a variety of leadership resources. These will help you deepen your knowledge about effective people leadership.

When you are ready to put your knowledge into practice, our other leadership development resources–workshops, coaching, 360 surveys, team programs–can be of help.

Do You Work with a Difficult Person?​

With our behavioral questionnaire, just enter the attributes of your challenging person. For instance…

  • Are they aloof?  Argumentative?  Meandering?
  • Do they pout?  Procrastinate?  Monopolize discussions?

Indicate their relationship to you–direct report?  Peer?  Boss?  Customer?

We’ll send you a report showing where they fall on our Q4 Model, along with several suggested actions you can take to be more effective with them.

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers and Situations

Want to learn how to deal with a know it all boss?  A passive aggressive direct report?  The office social butterfly?  With nearly 40 different case scenarios, our leadership tips have you covered!  There is a wealth of information here about dealing with a variety of common people situations found in the workplace.  Master all of these leadership resources and you’ll earn a prominent position in the leaders hall of fame (after it’s built)!

Leadership White Papers​

Our leadership white papers provide more in-depth information on various leadership topics. These leadership resources include, for example, building a high-performance culture, employee resiliency, performance management best practices, and more.

Books on Leadership and Management​

We have written four books on leadership and management:

  1. Leadership Through People Skills
  2. Why Can’t We Get Anything Done Around Here?
  3. Effective Motivation Through Performance Appraisal
  4. Making Common Sense Common Practice

You can purchase these from us, or online at Amazon and others.

Leadership Case Study Examples​

Here you’ll learn actual case examples of how leadership development solved people challenges for organizations.

Learning the Q4 Dimensional Model​

The Q4 Dimensional Model of Behavior is a wonderful leadership resource.  Developed by our founders, Dr. Robert Lefton & Dr. Victor Buzzotta, it is easy to understand. It deals with observable behavior, so you don’t have play armchair psychologist. It provides a common language for an organization to help get everyone marching in the same direction. While simple, there is a lot of depth and application to it. Learn more about it in our Q4 model article, or in our Leadership Through People Skills book above.

Leadership Workshops

Our workshops help you put your leadership knowledge into action. We offer two leadership workshops:

Virtual Leadership Workshop

The Q4 Edge is our online leadership workshop, offered in both a fully digital and blended format.  In small groups they practice skills they have learned and get feedback from team members and the instructor.  Read more about our virtual leadership workshop.

Live Classroom Leadership Workshop

Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage is our 3-day classroom interpersonal leadership skills workshop. Formerly called Leadership Through People Skills, we have updated this workshop and its name. We offer it in-house, or on a public basis in St. Louis at Washington University’s Knight Conference Center.  Learn more about our Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage workshop.

Thanks for your interest in our Learning for Leadership Resources.