Assessment for High-Potentials

Help established talent achieve their full potential.

How do you identify those people who are ready for greater responsibilities? At Psychological Associates, we understand the necessity of cultivating your future leaders. Assessment for High-Potentials can help guide your most promising managers and executives towards even greater success.

What is an Assessment for High-Potentials?

Our Assessment for High-Potentials gives you the information you need to identify individuals who are ready to move into positions of greater influence, as well as employees who need more time, training, or mentorship before consideration for promotion.

Using our Assessment for High-Potentials process will help you understand the current depth of your bench, give you critical information to create effective succession plans, and help you establish methods for ongoing development of your future leaders.

Benefits and Outcomes

Evaluate the projected readiness of a high-potential business leader for a new role

Gain a big-picture perspective on which team members can best advance to increased responsibilities with your organization

Obtain valuable insight on high-potentials that can inform strategic business discussions

Leverage your High-Potentials to make the best decision for your organization’s future.