Additional Available Workshops​

Employ the right training solution to fit your organization’s specific challenges.​

Even the most capable people in your organization still have room to grow, learn and develop.  So, where do you turn for your organization’s unique training needs? Psychological Associates offers training solutions that support a variety of organizational objectives.

Does your training plan address your company’s unique challenges?

Our Instructional Consultants have designed workshops that engage participants in addressing specific challenges, such as developing better coaching skills, conflict resolution techniques, and listening skills; practicing effective delegation; and maximizing sales. These solutions can be tailored to include industry- and organization-specific challenges.

And because we can integrate our Dimensional® Model of Behavior with your propriety content or existing training programs, you’ll get a learning experience that compliments your overall training strategy.

Benefits and Outcomes

Solve organization- and industry-specific challenges
Address common workplace issues, such as dealing with conflict, addressing poor communication styles, and improving coaching
Improve workplace behaviors by developing a common language for feedback and discussion

Find a training solution that's right for your organization.