The Q4 Edge

The Q4 Edge provides an edge for success in working with others through practical people skills.​

Want clear solutions to your complex people problems? Hands-on digital leadership training so your leaders won’t miss a beat?

The Q4 Edge is our virtual or blended learning solution for line managers, team leads, project managers, supervisors, customer-service managers, and those new to leadership roles. It teaches your leaders the practical interpersonal skills they need to help engage, challenge, motivate, and involve their people. Leaders gain insights that help them recognize and manage their own behavior — as well as communicate more effectively; motivate others; and minimize drama and stress at work.

What is The Q4 Edge?

Geared to those who have to help others develop and perform, The Q4 Edge helps leaders develop a personal strategy for becoming more effective at work. They’ll learn a flexible framework for identifying and adapting effective leadership behaviors.

The Q4 Edge combines online learning modules with small group skills practice — conducted using video conference software — and follow-up activities, all in an agile format that’s ideal for today’s busy leaders. The online content can be released in a cadence that makes sense for your organization, and leaders can access course content and assessment on their own schedules.

Throughout the program, leaders will practice what they’ve learned and receive personalized feedback from both peers and our certified instructors. Back at work, they’ll apply their newly learned practical skills and guide their teams to greater success.

One Development Program, Two Modalities

The Q4 Edge is available as both a fully digital and a blended learning solution. The blended option includes one day of in-person training, enabling your team to gather together to both practice their skills and gather peer feedback with the guidance of our experienced facilitators.

Whether your team is fully remote, spread across multiple locations, or navigating the ins and outs of a hybrid office, our team of learning experts are excited to implement the right training solution for your team. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo today.

For those interested in 100% in-person development options, please see our Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage page.

Benefits and Outcomes

Help your leaders engage, challenge, motivate, and involve their people

Develop effective strategies for engaging in difficult conversations
Learn to communicate clearly and effectively
Understand how to manage challenging behaviors
Build trust within your teams

Get clear solutions to your complex people problems with The Q4 Edge.​