360° Surveys

Understand the effectiveness of your leaders through a comprehensive 360° survey.​

How do you know if a leader is positively influencing and impacting others? Ask the people who know them best, through 360° feedback.

The Q4 Leader: 360° insight into career growth.​

We judge ourselves based on our intentions. Others judge us based on our actions. How do you balance the two perspectives? Psychological Associates’ proprietary 360° survey tool, The Q4 Leader, collects input from direct reports, peers, bosses, and the individuals themselves to gauge their leadership impact. The Q4 Leader identifies specific observations on how a leader’s personality, style, and actions influence those around them. Learn what skills and abilities each leader possesses. See how others perceive a leader’s value to your organization. Help your leaders understand how to make decisions, communicate, delegate, and lead effectively.

Benefits and Outcomes

In-depth analysis of the leader’s skills, knowledge, and leadership style

Evaluation of the leader’s ability and potential to succeed within your organization
Insight regarding the leader’s work-related interpersonal characteristics
Guided action planning for future leadership development

Take the first step in gaining inclusive insight.