Family Business Methodology​

We Help Clients Evolve From a Family Business, to a Family in Business​

Loyalty, history and shared values give family businesses a unique edge in facing difficult challenges.  At the same time, these organizations experience a complexity inside both the family and the business that few on the outside truly understand.  Our approach is based on these three questions:

  • How can the family best sustain the business?
  • How can the business best enrich the family?
  • How can the family function together in harmony?

We Have 60 Years of Experience Counseling Large and Small Family Businesses​

According to, only 30% of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation ownership. However, when a company has a well-crafted plan in place, the odds of success increase dramatically. In order to improve these odds, we establish a three-part governance model.

  • Advisory Board: Designed to bring an outside perspective and objectivity
  • Family Council: Provides a venue for family members to meet, be informed, and resolve conflict
  • Compensation Committee: Provides input and advice regarding family compensation

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Benefits and Outcomes

Provides an outside perspective supported by objective, measurable data

Brings clarity to tough decisions and conversations

Positions the organization for successful transition from one generation to the next

Ensure the longevity of your business by building a plan for the next generation.​