Expat Assessment

Succeeding in global markets begins with helping the right people transition well.

What are the biggest challenges facing your organization when considering international assignments? Psychological Associates’ proven Expat Assessment identifies which associates are most likely to succeed in a position outside the United States.  This can dramatically lower your risk in expat selection.

The Cost of Getting Expat Selection Wrong​

Reassigning an employee to a foreign location is a challenge. Organizations cannot assume that high-performing talent in one market will have the same success elsewhere. Research shows poorly matched expatriate assignments can be costly:

  • 10 – 20% of all U.S. managers sent abroad return early because of job dissatisfaction or difficulty adjusting.
  • Nearly one-third of remaining managers did not meet a supervisor’s expectations.
  • One-fourth of managers who completed their overseas assignment left their company within one year of return to the U.S.

According to Forbes, the cost of a bad hire is 30% of salary or more.  When you add in costs to relocate an employee and their family internationally, it is likely 40-50% of salary.  If you are paying your expat employee $100,000, and she leaves after 6 months, your cost can be $40-50,000 or more.  How can you take lower this risk in your expatriate selection process?

Expat Assessment Improves Your Batting Average​

Expat assessment can give you deeper insight into how good a fit a candidate is for an international assignment.  It can reveal where there is likely to be a good fit, and surface any possible areas of concern that may not be apparent from an interview process.

Psychological Associates provides expat assessments for both the associate and their spouse or life partner. Our assessment includes cultural analysis of your organization, job requirements, and desired attributes. We conduct in-depth interviews with the associate and their partner to compare their attributes and attitudes with the available position.  Please contact us to explore how expat assessment can benefit your organization.

Benefits and Outcomes

Avoid costly mistakes in lost time and financial resources

Reduce risk and potential failure in your new market
Gain reliable information about your associate, and their partner if applicable, for possible relocation
Identify potential areas that may need more attention for your associate to succeed in their new culture

Selecting key performers for global assignments can be risky. Avoid unnecessary risk through our proven Expat Assessments.​