Expat Assessment

Succeeding in global markets begins with helping the right people transition well.

What are the biggest challenges facing your organization when considering international assignments? Psychological Associates’ proven Expat Assessments identify which associates are most likely to succeed in a position outside the United States.

Expat Assessments pave the way for global success.

Psychological Associates understands the difficulties of reassigning someone to a foreign location. Organizations cannot assume that high-performing talent in one market will have the same success elsewhere. Research shows poorly matched expatriate assignments can be costly:

  • 10 – 20% of all U.S. managers sent abroad return early because of job dissatisfaction or difficulty adjusting.
  • Nearly one-third of remaining managers did not meet a supervisor’s expectations.
  • One-fourth of managers who completed their overseas assignment left their company within one year of return to the U.S.

Psychological Associates provides Expat Assessments for the associate and their spouse or life partner. Our assessment includes cultural analysis of your organization, job requirements, and desired attributes. We conduct in-depth interviews with the associate and their partner to compare their attributes and attitudes with the available position.

Benefits and Outcomes

Avoid costly mistakes in lost time and financial resources
Reduce risk and potential failure in your new market
Gain reliable information about your associate, and their partner if applicable, for possible relocation
Identify potential areas that may need more attention for your associate to succeed in their new culture

“Psychological Associates is our “go to company” when we vet employee candidates, implement employee engagement surveys and conduct individual employee coaching sessions.  They greatly increase our ability to recruit and manage our most costly and also greatest asset … our employees.  We would find it hard to operate as effectively and confidently without Psychological Associate’s valued support and direction.”

- Bob Franceshelli, Chief Executive Officer, Pritikin
“With Psychological Associates, we receive a complete solution. It’s a thorough assessment combined with feedback, action planning and coaching. We’re also enhancing our skill building efforts through the courses that Psychological Associates developed.”
- Bill Pitchford, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Wabash National Corporation

“The quality of Psychological Associates reports…in general, they have quite good insights into the people taking the tests. Another one is that, by virtue of having worked with us for years, they know us fairly well. As a result, they are able to do some successful matching between candidates and the company.”

- Peter Allen, Managing Director, Agoda

“We actually sought Psychological Associates out when we recognized that we had a need for higher level resources in our leadership development program… They came back with a very clear and concise approach to helping us with our leadership development program.”

- Jim Castellano, Chairman, RubinBrown