Succession Planning

Psychological Associates partners with organizations to achieve targeted growth and collaboration through customized solutions designed to best fit your strategy goals. We provide a suite of Talent Assessment, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and Family Business solutions to positively impact every facet of your organization.

Identifying successors for senior positions is a critical undertaking for any business. You need a fair and objective process to select and develop the best leaders. At Psychological Associates, we use our proven suite of data-driven solutions to create robust and individually tailored Succession Planning processes. We’ve honed our approach for nearly six decades, refining it into a solution you can trust.


We seek to become familiar with your organization. Our in-depth Discovery phase focuses specifically on your culture, competencies, and corporate structure, among other relevant details.

Gauging Your Organization’s Bench Strength

We combine specific tools, such as our Assessment for High-Potential and The Q4 Leader: Dimensional 360°Feedback, to evaluate your bench strength and identify individuals poised to step into key leadership positions.

Implementing Executive Development

After assisting you with identification, we offer Executive Coaching and targeted training solutions as part of our comprehensive approach to talent development. We can help your executives increase their effectiveness by attending our acclaimed workshop, Leadership Through People Skills

Measuring Results

Psychological Associates uses a follow-up structure to measure executive growth. Our Team Development solutions facilitate improved performance and The Q4 Leader: Dimensional 360°Feedback reports provide follow-up data to track progress over time.

Educational resources for leadership development: Do You Work with a Difficult Person Behavioral Questionnaire, Books, Leadership Tips, White Papers, Case Studies, Q4 Dimensional Model, and more.

Ensure Your Organization Is Prepared for the Future

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