The Q4 Model

Psychological Associates is the only talent management company that uses the Dimensional® Model of Behavior™. It was developed by our co-founders Drs. Robert E. Lefton and V.R. Buzzotta to organize objective, observable behavior into four quadrants.

Organizations can challenge their talent to grow and adapt by adopting optimal behavior patterns. We believe Q4 behavior combines a strong desire for accomplishment with a high regard for people to generate long-term business success.

Take the Behavior Questionnaire to learn how to work more effectively with others.

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Behavior Questionnaire

Virtually everyone has had a challenging relationship at work. Our behavior questionnaire helps you understand others’ behavior, so you can work with them more effectively.

The Dimensional Model of Behavior is a tool that organizes aspects of objective, observable behavior into four quadrants. Both individuals and teams demonstrate fundamental types of behavior corresponding to each quadrant of the Model.

Some people impose their will upon others (Q1), while others avoid situations that represent risk (Q2). Still others put social acceptance above other needs and objectives (Q3). We advocate that Q4 behavior, which combines a strong drive for accomplishment with a high regard for people, is proven to generate long-term business success.

When you take our Behavior Questionnaire, imagine a work relationship that needs some improvement. Answer honestly how you would categorize the other person’s behavior. Once you’ve completed the Questionnaire, you’ll receive information and insights about how to communicate more successfully, based on the quadrant where the other person’s behavior falls.

Behavior Questionnaire

  • Listed below are various behaviors. Mark any behavior that you feel applies to the person you have in mind. Check off as many behaviors as you like. When you are finished, click on the “View Results” button.
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