New Hire Assessment

Identifying exceptional candidates holds the power to transform your company’s future.

How do you know a candidate is capable of optimal performance and fits your organization’s culture? Our New Hire Assessment process measures the most relevant core competencies to find an ideal fit.

The value of a New Hire Assessment

There are three key questions to consider before hiring new talent:

  1. Does the candidate have the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to do the job well?
  2. Is the candidate an ideal fit for the identified job competencies and organizational culture?
  3. As a potential leader, how would the candidate perform interpersonally?

Our New Hire Assessment process provides the answers you need.  Psychological Associates’ expert Consultants deliver detailed feedback and recommendations based on the identified job requirements and competencies. All findings and recommendations are grounded in results of the carefully selected valid and reliable testing instruments, as well as the experience and insight of the Consultant. We never use pre-scripted or canned feedback. Instead, we use a hands-on approach and give you personalized, in-depth feedback.

Benefits and Outcomes

Gain peace of mind for your hiring process
Receive personalized, in-depth feedback
Provide developmental feedback for candidates after hiring is complete

Take the guesswork out of hiring with our New Hire Assessment process.