Profile Study

Find the candidate who best fits the role by developing an ideal job profile.​

How do you define success in a particular job? Creating a job profile starts with studying who is already successful and identifying their common strengths and characteristics.

Conduct a Profile Study with Psychological Associates.​

What makes someone a “good fit” for a job? Is it a personality type, or a set of learned skills? Is it experience, or natural talent? Psychological Associates can conduct a Profile Study to define success within your organization, and determine what differentiates top performers from less effective ones. We identify a set of common strengths and characteristics among the top performers, then create a job profile that becomes the foundation on which we’ll build assessments for future hires.

Benefits and Outcomes

Reduce turnover caused by a poor fit for the role, while increasing retention and engagement

Streamline the hiring process for future openings

Optimize total performance by matching the right candidate to the right role

When you understand the skills and behaviors that lead to success in a particular role, it's much easier to fill that role with the right person.​