Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage Workshop

Give your experienced leaders the influencing and people skills they need to engage and inspire others.

Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage is the next-generation of leadership development at Psychological Associates. Building upon the tools and strategies of our acclaimed LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS, it’s an intensive program that focuses on the cross-functional team dynamic that characterizes today’s workplace. Using real-world issues and situations, Q4 Leadership gives your leaders the opportunity to learn and apply the interpersonal skills that are proven contributors to leadership success.

What is Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage?

Designed for C-level leaders, Vice Presidents, and General Managers, the program focuses on peer interactions and managing up. Q4 Leadership combines discussion and role-plays to help participants gain self-awareness and skills to engage, involve, and influence others.

Leaders learn a flexible framework for identifying and adapting effective leadership behaviors while gaining self-awareness and skills to engage, involve, and influence others.

Fundamental to the learning experience is the Real-Life Challenge each leader brings to the program. Self-customized and personally relevant learning ensures immediate application back on the job. Leaders leave the session with unique insight into how to leverage their strengths, and where they can focus their development.

For more information, download our Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage brochure.

Benefits and Outcomes

Help your top leaders feel valued, to increase likelihood of retention
Increase influencing abilities while decreasing interpersonal conflict
Boost quality interactions and outcomes
Develop strong partnerships to achieve influence and outcomes
Break down silos and build synergistic teams
Contribute to building a work environment where others can perform their best

“Psychological Associates is our “go to company” when we vet employee candidates, implement employee engagement surveys and conduct individual employee coaching sessions.  They greatly increase our ability to recruit and manage our most costly and also greatest asset … our employees.  We would find it hard to operate as effectively and confidently without Psychological Associate’s valued support and direction.”

- Bob Franceshelli, Chief Executive Officer, Pritikin
“With Psychological Associates, we receive a complete solution. It’s a thorough assessment combined with feedback, action planning and coaching. We’re also enhancing our skill building efforts through the courses that Psychological Associates developed.”
- Bill Pitchford, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Wabash National Corporation

“The quality of Psychological Associates reports…in general, they have quite good insights into the people taking the tests. Another one is that, by virtue of having worked with us for years, they know us fairly well. As a result, they are able to do some successful matching between candidates and the company.”

- Peter Allen, Managing Director, Agoda

“We actually sought Psychological Associates out when we recognized that we had a need for higher level resources in our leadership development program… They came back with a very clear and concise approach to helping us with our leadership development program.”

- Jim Castellano, Chairman, RubinBrown