Leadership Case Study

The client for this leadership case study is a large manufacturing company with 50,000+ employees.  They are headquartered in the Midwest, with operations around the world, and they have the second largest market share in their industry.

Problem: High Turnover

The client was experiencing high turnover from frontline engineers due to poor leadership. The most common explanation was dissatisfaction with managers. The client was promoting the best engineers to be engineering managers, regardless of leadership skills.  While these new managers possessed great technical skills, they found themselves in a new role where they now had to get more done through their people.  They had not been trained in people leadership, nor were they being very successful at it. As a result, turnover was alarmingly high.

Solution: Customized Leadership Training

Psychological Associates used our flagship leadership program Leadership Through People Skills as the backbone of a customized, client-centric solution. We included many elements important to the client, such as their “Individual Development Plan” process, their management models, and communication plans.

The crown jewel of the program creation was the filming of customized videos. The sets were built to replicate the client’s global locations. Actors were hired to represent global demographics and dressed in the client’s brand attire.  The video scripts include the client’s scenarios and terminology.

PA built a network of facilitators to deliver the program on every inhabitable continent. We translated the materials and currently deliver the program in various languages. We also certified a handful of client representatives to deliver the program globally.

Results: Significant Improvement in Retention

  • Significant reduction in frontline engineer turnover.
  • By the end of 2017, 5,000 people will have completed the training, which is creating a Q4 culture throughout the organization. The culture drives results through–and with respect for its–people.
  • A third-party study of the customized leadership program found 95% of the knowledge and skill learned was transferred to the job in less than four weeks, with over 60% within just one week. When benchmarked against similar training programs, our program scores were better in all categories surveyed.

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