Making Common Sense Common Practice Book

V.R. Buzzotta, Ph.D., R.E. Lefton, Ph.D., Alan Cheney, Ph.D., and Ann Beatty, Ph.D.
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Making Common Sense Common Practice

Today, change is a fact of life in any organization. The question is: Will change kill the morale and initiative of your workers, or will they respond with the creative energy needed to maintain or even improve their performance? The difference depends on skillful leaders who use common-sense methods described in these pages to produce high performance. Making Common Sense Common Practice by Drs. Vic Buzzotta, Robert Lefton, Alan Cheney, and Ann Beatty offers leaders the timely, pragmatic information they need to deal with the ever-accelerating pace of change.


High Performance Model

The authors show how the path to high performance entails 4 main parts:

  1.  Know Where You are Going.
  2.  Ensure People Have What It Takes.
  3.  Develop and Enable Them.
  4.  Help Them Stay on Track.

They show how trust is the glue that holds everything together.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Common Sense, Change, and Tension

Chapter 2  What Kind of Leader Should You Be?

Chapter 3  Callibrate Your Own Thermostat

Chapter 4  Know Where You Are Going

Chapter 5  Ensure People Have What It Takes

Chapter 6  Develop and Enable the Right People

Chapter 7  Help People Stay on Track

Chapter 8  Trust, the Glue that Holds It All Together

Chapter 9  The Road to High Performance


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