Competency Modeling

When you identify your company’s competencies, you’re defining what success looks like in the organization.​

How does your organization define the professional attributes and interpersonal behaviors that equate success? Psychological Associates’ Competency Modeling assists decision makers by creating a common competency framework that is the basis for all of your Human Resources activities.

Our Approach to Competency Modeling

Psychological Associates’ approach to Competency Modeling begins with 73 clearly defined competencies. A PA Consultant meets with your key decision makers to hand-facilitate a robust, objective, and scientific process for your organization.

Our Competency Modeling selection process can be customized to describe any targeted job or leadership role, or your organizational culture at large. Any competencies deemed irrelevant are discarded until a final set of performance descriptors is established. These core competencies can then serve as a baseline for measuring future performance. The result is a clear definition of not only what is expected, but also how the competencies are demonstrated.

Benefits and Outcomes

Establish a targeted language of performance and leadership behaviors that’s unique to — and universal throughout — your organization

Align performance goals with business strategies

Streamline Human Resource efforts, such as hiring, performance management, succession planning, and talent development

Identify talent and behavioral gaps to address and eliminate through future hiring decisions and training initiatives

Ensure a fair and equitable benchmarking system to gauge performance across departments and positions

Create your organization’s competency framework with Psychological Associates.