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We transform clients by helping them select, develop, and retain their best leaders.

Psychological Associates has the capabilities and resources to work with every level of your organization. We focus on both the performance and potential of your business leaders:


A business leader’s ability to perform the job effectively as measured by performance ratings, supervisor feedback, client satisfaction, and execution against annual goals.


A business leader’s skills and abilities as they relate to your organization’s executive competencies. Potential is assessed for each executive through the use of cognitive, personality, and leadership measures; 360° survey data; and informational interviews.

Our integrated approach gives clear and objective insight for your organization to achieve optimal success through proven solutions.

Q4 Leads the Way at the Biz Dash


We are a trusted partner in elevating organizations to achieve exceptional results through people.

We leverage our expertise in human behavior to identify, develop, and retain top talent: leaders who value both superior business results and the people who make them possible.


Unlocking people’s potential to lead sooner, succeed faster, and create remarkable organizations.


Collaboration ● Respect ● Integrity ● Leadership ● Making a Difference

Q4 Dimensional Model of Behavior

The Q4 Model

The Dimensional Model of Behavior is a tool that organizes aspects of objective, observable behavior into four quadrants. Both individuals and teams demonstrate fundamental types of behavior corresponding to each box on the model.

Virtually everyone has dealt with people who impose their will upon others (Q1), or avoid situations that represent risk (Q2).  Others put social acceptance above other needs and objectives (Q3). We advocate that Q4 behavior, which combines a strong drive for accomplishment with a high regard for people, is proven to generate long-term business success.

Take the Behavior Questionnaire to learn how to work more effectively with others.

Our Story

From our founding in 1958 to now, Psychological Associates has evolved and grown to serve thousands of organizations and tens of thousands of executives along the way. We’d like to share our story with you.

Our Team

Our team of Consultants, psychologists, business strategists, and leaders work together to provide proven solutions for your future success.