Leadership Through People Skills

Help new and experienced leaders build their interpersonal skills to solve business issues.

For more than 50 years, Psychological Associates has taught Q4 leadership skills to generations of leaders in our Leadership Through People Skills workshop. Now, it’s time for next-generation leadership development.

To enhance the leadership learning experience, we’re splitting Q4 leadership development into two new learning solutions. Q4 leadership skills will continue to increase managerial effectiveness and transform organizations, with a new focus on individual job level that will increase personal relevancy for learners.

Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage

Designed for C-level leaders, Vice Presidents, and General Managers, Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage focuses on peer interactions and managing up. The intensive, comprehensive 3-day program combines discussion and role-plays to help participants gain self-awareness and skills to engage, involve, and influence others.

The Q4 Edge

In The Q4 Edge, those new to leadership roles, along with front-line managers, team leads, project managers, and supervisors gain competence and confidence in the foundational leadership skills they need to help engage, challenge, motivate, and involve their people. The program combines asynchronous learning modules with video conference role-plays that allow leaders to practice their newly learned Q4 skills in a guided setting that is relevant to their own work lives.

Both programs build on the legacy of our Leadership Through People Skills workshop, with enhanced learning design and more focused video examples. And both are available, either as a Public Program offering or an in-house session tailored to your organization.

To learn more about the leadership development solution that’s right for your organization, e-mail Clay Hildebrand.

Create greater business results with Q4 leadership development