Investing in Leadership Development for 2018

Oct. 24th, 2017

How can you invest in your leadership skills and success in 2018? Attend our premier leadership development workshop, Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS). This intensive, immersive workshop mixes discussion and role-plays that help you understand how your behavioral styles can hinder — or lead to — success. Because the workshop integrates a situation from your real-life workplace, the experience is self-customized, personally relevant, and immediately applicable to your work situation.

What Happens at LTPS?

What can you learn at LTPS? Whether you’re a new or established leader, you can master the people and influencing skills necessary for success in the workplace. The workshop maximizes your interpersonal skills: You’ll learn how to combine a high regard for people with a respect for results, so that you can solve your business issues more effectively.

Who Should Attend?

LTPS is for leaders and managers who want to:

  • Acquire tools for improved leadership, communication, and the ability to resolve conflicts
  • Learn to identify different behavioral styles at work
  • Gain insight into personal behaviors and needs
  • Discover ways to make your behavioral style more productive in the workplace
  • Practice giving and receiving immediate, insightful feedback.

Want to Join Us?

Ready to develop real-world leadership skills with immediate, on-the-job impact? Ready to be more insightful with others? More productive at work? Register today for one of the following sessions in 2018:

  • February 6 – 8
  • April 3 – 5
  • June 26 – 28
  • September 18 – 20
  • October 16 – 18
  • December 11 – 13

With only six sessions scheduled next year, space is limited. Don’t miss the “a-ha moments” you’ll experience at Leadership Through People Skills.