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Take Five With Suzanne Kern

We’re back with an all new Take Five, where we get to know the Psychological Associates staff a little better.

Today, we’ll get to know Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kern. She’s one of the smiling faces who’s there to greet you every time you visit our offices.  She’s also an avid newspaper reader and cat lover. Take it away, Suzanne!

Take Five

  1. Movie you quote from all the time?
    • Can’t think of a movie but I quote from Seinfeld TV show quite a bit
  2. Coffee or tea?
    • Coffee all year round and iced tea in the summer
  3. Favorite book?
    • I have two and they are both children’s books:  Anne of Green Gables and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  4. Who inspires you?
    • My fellow chemo patients
  5. What are you currently watching/reading?
    • Trying not to watch so much TV but reading The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
  6. Hogwarts house?
    • Probably Hufflepuff
  7. What’s your pet’s name?
    • My cat Jazzy
  8. Favorite snack?
    • Chocolate
  9. Three words to describe yourself?
    • Loyal, kind, and creative
  10. What’s your proudest moment at PA?
    • I can’t think of one specific moment but I’m proud to be a part of this company for 18 years now.

Psychological Associates staff

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