Leading into the future with Psychological Associates

Psychological Associates’ co-founders V.R. Buzzotta, Ph.D. and Robert E. Lefton, Ph.D. met as students at Washington University in St. Louis. Drs. Buzzotta and Lefton believed in providing reliable and valid psychological testing. They championed the use of empirically validated data measurements and an emphasis on objective, observable behavior that can lead to greater business results. Much of Psychological Associates’ success today is due to the principles established by Drs. Buzzotta and Lefton.

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Dr. Buzzotta and Dr. Lefton formed a partnership as Psychological Associates. They opened their first office in Clayton, Missouri. The practice’s initial focus was on addressing emotional disorders in adults and learning problems of children.

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Introduction of the Dimensional® Model of Behavior™ and Dimensional Sales Training™ (DST-II), the first-ever sales training course designed by psychologists.

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Psychological Associates established Communicare, Inc. in Toronto, Ontario (CAN) as its first international affiliate.

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Dimensional Management Training (DMT-II) is revised and launched as Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS). The newfound LTPS program emphasized video technology and quickly became Psychological Associates’ flagship workshop.

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The Proficient Executive survey is created to help executives develop crucial managerial behaviors in 12 core areas of performance.

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The Team Scorecard is introduced as part of Psychological Associates’ Team Development solution. The Team Scorecard is designed to build accountability, encourage candor, and identify a realistic plan of action for continued growth.

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Michelle Clark, Ph.D. is named President of Psychological Associates. Dr. Clark’s extensive background in psychological testing and international business are helping lead Psychological Associates into the future.

While honoring our past, we believe the best years of Psychological Associates are still ahead. Our firm is committed to helping organizations in any industry succeed at every level. We continue to research and implement proven solutions to help your business talent grow and advance into the future.