Learning from a Crisis Webinar

Learning From a Crisis – Webinar Replay

Though the US Economy is beginning to reopen slowly, the COVID crisis isn’t over. What lessons can we learn from the current crisis and other challenging times?

In their webinar “Learning From a Crisis,” PA Consultants David Rowan and Cheryl Throgmorton shared insights into the effective adaptations businesses can make during a crisis. Based on the book Why Can’t We Get Anything Done Around Here, written by PA Co-Founder Dr. Robert Lefton and Jerome T. Loeb, Former Chairman of May Department Stores, the session highlights some simple yet effective strategies for getting more done at work — both during a crisis and beyond it.

Bringing the Lessons Back to Work

They also shared how to translate these adaptations into lasting improvements for yourself, your team, and your organization.

This worksheet is a helpful resource as leaders organize their thoughts around the kinds of tasks that are worth their time and energy, and which ones should be delegated — or avoided altogether.

Our Next Webinar

Once you’ve watched the video, make sure to register for our next free webinar. On May 28, Dr. Thomas Brooks and Dr. David Rowan will present “Flattening the Change Curve” which offers information and resources on how to help yourself and your people navigate change in productive ways.

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