New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions for Each Q Behavior

Congratulations, you made it to the new year! As we shut the door on 2020 (and good riddance) it’s time to look ahead at the endless possibilities that come with a new year. This is a time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and resolutions.

While there’s no shortage of opinions on what makes a “good” resolution, and we encourage you to find the goals that work for you (or not), today we’re shifting our lens toward the Dimensional Model of Behavior. How would each of the behavior quadrants approach New Year’s resolutions? Let’s find out!

Dimensional Model of Behavior

Resolution for Q1: Tell & Do

“This year, I’m going to let my opinions be known! I mean, more than usual. Let’s face it – we’d get a lot more done if people would just shut up and take my advice.”

People who exhibit a lot of Q1 behavior love to hear themselves talk, and they’re fairly certain they have all the answers. While their first instinct may be to keep on doing what they’ve been doing, a better resolution would be to talk less and listen more. While Q1 may have lots of great ideas, a Q1 leader lacks regard for those around them. While teams can function without regard in the short term, the long term results include high turnover, low engagement, and high levels of fear.

Resolution for Q2: Avoid & Abdicate

“I don’t know why people make a big deal about resolutions – change is the worst! I think we’d all be much better off if we just stuck to the established routine. After all, if it’s not broke, why fix it?”

Someone who spends a lot of time in Q2 is unlikely to be a fan of New Year’s resolutions. After all, this behavior type thrives on the status quo and assurances of security. A bold resolution from someone in this quadrant would be to push themselves out of their comfort zone. But maybe take small steps.

Resolution for Q3: Pacify & Socialize

“2021 is going to be my year! It’s time to focus on what matters — my team. I resolve to spend more time with my colleagues. I’ll organize every virtual happy hour, game night, Zoom lunch…”

This past year has probably been tough on super-social Q3’s. They love working with people, and in the age of remote work they may be struggling. But contrary to their instincts, getting in more face time (or FaceTime, as the case may be) is not necessarily the best course of action. For this quadrant, we’d recommend working on structure and time management in the new year. Set structured to be social, but make sure you’re getting work done, too!

Resolution for Q4: Challenge & Involve

“In the coming year, I’m focused on pushing myself and my team to reach our goals. I’m also committed to checking in on my colleagues – after all, remote work is still a challenge for many, and clear and consistent communication is the key to engagement.”

The hallmark of Q4 behavior is a balanced focus on results and respect for others. This shines through in their New Year’s resolutions. For those demonstrating Q4 behavior, we recommend resolutions aimed at ongoing development for themselves and their teams, and telling others about the benefits of excellent people skills.

Resolve for a Q4 Future

No matter what your resolutions may be, we wish you all the best in achieving them. And if you need help or guidance, be sure to check our our Leadership Resources page for Q4 tips, articles and more.

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