Engage in Meaningful Retention Conversations

Retention Conversation

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the logistics of returning to the workplace or vaccinating their workforce. But one piece that’s missing from the conversation is the high potential for turnover once hiring resumes and options for employment expand. After all, when Human Resource Executive is predicting a turnover tsunami, it’s time to engage […]

Leading Retention-Focused One-on-One Conversations

Retention Conversation

While often overlooked, retention conversations (sometimes called “stay interviews”) are an important tool in any leadership toolkit. But if you’re waiting for a signal of discontent before you act, you may already be too late! The Nightmare Scenario Picture this nightmare: you are finishing up your email for the day and you receive an instant […]

The World of Virtual Leadership Development: Webinar Replay

Virtual Leadership Development

2020 has brought dramatic shifts in how we live, work, and learn. But whether you’re working from the kitchen table or the corporate office, companies still need effective leaders to drive performance, motivate teams, and propel innovation. Those skills don’t show up fully formed – great leadership requires development. Right now, that means virtual leadership […]

Flattening the Change Curve – Webinar Replay

Flattening the Change Curve

As the workplaces around the country and the world start planning for reopening, all of us are faced with yet another wave of change. This change may be welcome for some, frightening for others, but it will require careful navigation for all. In their webinar “Flattening the Change Curve,” Psychological Associates Consultants David Rowan and […]

Learning From a Crisis – Webinar Replay

Learning from a Crisis Webinar

Though the US Economy is beginning to reopen slowly, the COVID crisis isn’t over. What lessons can we learn from the current crisis and other challenging times? In their webinar “Learning From a Crisis,” PA Consultants David Rowan and Cheryl Throgmorton shared insights into the effective adaptations businesses can make during a crisis. Based on the book […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times Part 2 – Webinar Replay

emotional intelligence

In Part 2 of our series on Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times, Dr. David Rowan and Michelle Western, M.A. discuss the external elements of emotional intelligence. Focusing on social awareness and relationship management, they’ll examine how we can all use empathy and teamwork skills to positively impact our interactions with others. Once you’ve watched the […]

Emotional Intelligence Tips

emotional intelligence

In a recent webinar exploring the external elements of emotional intelligence, David Rowan and Michelle Western shared their top Do’s and Don’ts. Empathy Empathy is a key element of social awareness. It’s about understanding how others might be feeling, and how groups of people might react to changes and challenges. Empathy is the ability and […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times – Webinar Replay

emotional intelligence

At work and home (which are pretty much the same thing these days, right?), everyone’s dealing with new emotions, in new ways. Emotional intelligence is more important than ever.  In this complimentary webinar, Dr. David Rowan and Michelle Western, M.A., discuss why we need emotional intelligence. You will learn: What Emotional Intelligence is A Model of […]

Managing Poor Performance (How To Tips)

managing poor performance

Poor Performance When an employee’s performance is sub-par, how do you discuss it without offending him?  And how do you motivate him to actually improve performance rather than just giving it lip service? Master this and you’ll learn a key leadership skill!  In this case example, we’ll explore several alternatives for managing poor performance. We’ll […]

Book Review: The Surprising Science of Meetings

leadership book reviews

Let’s turn the page to another installment of our Q4 Leadership Library, where our consultants review leadership books. This month, Vice President of Organizational Consulting Dr. David Rowan reads The Surprising Science of Meetings by Steven Rogelberg. The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance In a way, meetings […]