Psychological Associates’ Robert Lefton Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Jan. 11th, 2019

Dr. Robert Lefton, co-founder and CEO of Psychological Associates, has been named the inaugural recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in HR by the St. Louis Business Journal.

A Legacy of Innovation

With his partner, the late Dr. Victor Buzzotta, Dr. Lefton co-founded Psychological Associates in 1958. While the practice originally focused on clinical work, the pair quickly understood that behavioral science could transform the world of business. In 1965, they co-developed PA’s Q4 Dimensional Model of Behavior, a tool that helps users increase communication, effectiveness, engagement, and productivity in their business interactions.

Over the years, the pair continued to be innovators and industry leaders. They created Dimensional Sales Training, the first sales training course ever developed by psychologists. In 1989, the company launched Leadership Through People Skills, our flagship leadership development workshop, where new and experienced leaders can hone their interpersonal & communication skills and develop their ability to resolve conflicts. They created surveys to help executives develop crucial leadership behaviors, and developed tools and methodologies to improve executive team performance.

Still Going Strong

Psychological Associates is now celebrating 60 years in business. And even though he’s now 87, Dr. Lefton still comes to the office each day, continuing to advise on product innovations and key client accounts. He serves on the Board of many publicly and privately held companies, while remaining an executive coach and trusted advisor to top business leaders in St. Louis and beyond.

Upon hearing of the recognition, Dr. Lefton said, “I’m honored to receive this award. When PA started out, HR was seen as recordkeepers and administrators. Today, they’re often seen as leaders. I like to think that the work we’ve done played a key role in that.”

Jessica Lefton, a third-generation employee of Psychological Associates, added, “I’m so proud of the legacy of leadership my grandfather has built. It’s great to see his accomplishments recognized in this way.”

All of us here at PA are proud to work with Dr. Lefton. His mentorship, intellect, and humor continue to influence our culture and every client interaction. Thanks to the St. Louis Business Journal for this well-deserved honor.