Dr. Robert Lefton Awarded Lifetime Achievement in HR

Mar. 7th, 2019

At The St. Louis Business Journal’s 2019 HR Awards on March 7, Psychological Associates co-Founder Dr. Robert Lefton received the paper’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement  Award in Human Resources.

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From his days as a student at Washington University studying industrial psychology, Dr. Lefton always had a passion for improving communication skills, and helping organizations make the better use of their best resource — their people. Along with his business partner, the late Dr. Vic Buzzotta, Dr. Lefton founded Psychological Associates as a clinical practice, but quickly changed course as he found his stride helping the business community in St. Louis and beyond.

Since co-founding Psychological Associates in 1958, Dr. Lefton has been a pioneer in transforming HR from what was originally an administrative field focused on benefits and payroll to an area that can often make or break a company’s success. Alongside Dr. Buzzotta, he co-developed PA’s Dimensional Model of Behavior, a tool to help businesspeople understand their behavior, and the behavior of others, to increase productivity, communication, and effectiveness.

The pair then went on to create Dimensional Sales Training, the first sales training course ever developed by psychologists. In 1989, the company launched Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS), our flagship leadership development workshop, where new and experienced leaders can hone their interpersonal & communication skills and develop their ability to resolve conflicts.

Even though he’s now 87, Dr. Lefton still comes to the office each day, and remains an executive coach and trusted advisor to business leaders in St. Louis and beyond. He also serves on the Board of many publicly and privately held companies.

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“I am very proud that my dad has done so much in his life to have earned this award,” said Jeff Lefton, second-generation employee, and COO. “I was listening to him just yesterday and I was struck, as I often am, by the depth of his experience. I’m in awe of the caliber of people he’s worked with, and I really appreciate being able to learn from him and spend time with him.”

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