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Corralling Your Customers to Get Down to Business

The Situation

Bridget is in a position to land a hefty contract with Builtwell Industries. She has a good working relationship with Dave, the company’s purchasing agent. That’s helpful, because Dave will be presenting her proposal to Builtwell’s Procurement Board — they sign off on all big contracts.

What isn’t helpful is Dave’s lack of concentration on the business at hand.  Bridget starts the exchange:

Sales Tip

But Will He?

We can’t blame Bridget if she isn’t assured by Dave’s promise. After all, she’s tried a reflective statement, a closed-end probe, and a summary statement to help focus his attention on accomplishing their business goal.

However, what other Q4 selling tools would be more helpful in managing Dave’s Q3 meandering behavior? How can Bridget use Q4 selling to get Dave on track for presenting her proposal to the Board?

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