Going Down the Voicemail Abyss

The Situation

Joanne is a salesperson who does business from time to time with Martina. Joanne’s company is running some sales specials that she thinks will interest Martina. The trouble is, Martina screens her phone calls by letting them go to voicemail — not an uncommon practice these days. Apparently, she never picks up.


Joanne has been leaving voicemails like this: “Hi Martina, it’s Joanne Roberts from Bigelow Industries. I called Tuesday, but didn’t hear back from you. I just don’t want you to miss out on something special that I’d like to tell you about. So, please get back to me at (number).”

So far, Martina hasn’t called back. Joanne has also sent Martina several e-mails, all without a response. Joanne feels frustrated that Martina doesn’t call back, since it’s in her best interest. Joanne wants to be Q4 proactive in her sales approach, but she isn’t sure how to handle being sidelined by Martina’s phone tactics. How should she manage the voicemail wall?

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