The Q4 Model

Psychological Associates is the only talent management company that uses the Dimensional® Model of Behavior™. It was developed by our co-founders Drs. Robert E. Lefton and V.R. Buzzotta to organize objective, observable behavior into four quadrants.

Organizations can challenge their talent to grow and adapt by adopting optimal behavior patterns. We believe Q4 behavior combines a strong desire for accomplishment with a high regard for people to generate long-term business success.

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Midwest Equipment Manufacturer

The client is a large manufacturer of transportation equipment with 10,000+ employees.  They are headquartered in the Midwest.


The client had a critical open position that they desired to fill internally. The client also wanted to be more knowledgeable and better positioned for leadership development and succession planning.


Psychological Associates partnered with the CEO and the Board of Directors to gather as much information as possible on their company. We believe in fully understanding an organization’s need and company structure before making recommendations.

Our Psychological Associates team used our Executive Assessment and 360° Survey solutions to evaluate internal candidates. We compiled the data, created a diagnostic summary, and presented it to the CEO and the Board, along with our recommendations.

As a larger solution, we assessed all members of senior management using our Executive Assessment and 360° Survey solutions. Our Consultants coached each manager for 12 – 24 months, with an increased focus on team dynamics. Senior management members are now participating in our Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS) workshop to develop additional self-awareness and improved leadership skills.


  • The client used critical data and input from Psychological Associates to choose an internal candidate.
  • The client is moving towards a Q4 culture.
  • The client organization is now introducing employees at the next level into the assessment and feedback process.
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