Virtual Leadership Development

The World of Virtual Leadership Development: Webinar Replay

2020 has brought dramatic shifts in how we live, work, and learn. But whether you’re working from the kitchen table or the corporate office, companies still need effective leaders to drive performance, motivate teams, and propel innovation. Those skills don’t show up fully formed – great leadership requires development. Right now, that means virtual leadership development.

As we continue on in this brave new world of remote work and social distance, virtual leadership development programs are raising the bar to give everyone, from first-time managers to experienced executives, the skills and support they need to succeed.

In our latest webinar, Clay Hildebrand and David Rowan, Ph.D. explore the benefits of leadership development (virtual or otherwise). They also bust the myth that online learning is limited to technical skills, and share tips for effective “people skills” training in a virtual format. To top it all off, they provide an exclusive look at our newest leadership development program: The Q4 Edge.

Watch Virtual Solutions, Real Results: The World of Virtual Leadership Development

We hope you enjoyed our webinar. You can download the full slide deck at the link below.

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Even in tumultuous times, the risk of losing top talent is ever-present. How does a leader anticipate and potentially mitigate that risk of great performers leaving?

We’ll share answers to this question, and more in “Retention Focused One-on-One Discussions” on November 12. Join David Rowan, Ph.D. and Marianne Whelchel as they provide insights and advice to help you learn what you can proactively do to keep your top talent involved and satisfied. Register today!

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