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Introducing Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage

It’s a new year, a new decade, and at Psychological Associates, it’s time for a new and improved version of our flagship leadership development program.  Introducing Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage! This workshop combines the latest in instructional design with the pragmatic leadership skills that have been our bedrock for more than 60 years.

What Is Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage?

Q4 Leadership is a hands-on, interactive workshop that provides individual-level development with an organizational-level impact. With a focus on peer-to-peer interactions and managing up, this program is designed to help leaders navigate the complexities that come with reaching the top tiers of an organization.

Who Should Attend Q4 Leadership?

Geared towards senior leaders, this program spotlights the cross-functional dynamic at the heart of today’s workplace by teaching relevant and immediately transferable interpersonal skills. Q4 Leadership skills are fluid enough to work in a variety of roles and situations—they’re essential for managers in any industry or work environment.

What Happens in the Q4 Leadership Program?

Over the course of the program, leaders will learn to:

  • Understand and manage behavior — their own, and that of others
  • Practice the influencing and people skills needed to engage and inspire others to achieve business success
  • Gain the cooperation of their peers, work more collaboratively with their boss, and increase productivity on their teams
  • Plan for difficult conversations, making them easier and more productive
  • Improve their interpersonal skills, breaking down silos at work and contributing to high-functioning teams

Ready to Commit to Leadership Development?

Participation in Q4 Leadership helps your top talent improve team success by developing the Q4 skills they need to engage, involve, and influence others. Through intensive practice and insightful feedback, leaders will be able to see themselves as others see them. They’ll become more effective leaders and coaches, discovering how to flex and adapt to work effectively with others.

We are excited to introduce Q4 Leadership: The People Skills Advantage.  For more information on how it can benefit your leaders, please contact Clay Hildebrand, or enroll in one of our public programs today.

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