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Patricia Bagsby Discusses Retirement Planning on KMOX

Patricia Bagsby, Ph.D., Vice President of Organizational Consulting for Psychological Associates, recently appeared on KMOX radio in St. Louis.  She talked with host Carol Daniel about the changing world of retirement, and what employers can do to better prepare themselves and their employees for the future.

The transition from full-time employment to retirement is not always easy or simple. Often, pre-retirees decrease their workload involvement and quality as their focus shifts toward planning for retirement. Pre-retirement coaching helps employees develop self-awareness and actively prepares them for the future in terms of optimally investing in their current role, as well as transitioning into life beyond full-time employment

Psychological Associates offers pre-retirement psychological & well-being planning in both personalized coaching and workshop options. Over a series of sessions, pre-retirement planning enables companies to assist their pre-retirees as they shift toward retirement while simultaneously redefining expectations and goals for their current roles. Organizations benefit by keeping their pre-retirees engaged, while also enlisting them to mentor and transfer knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

Listen to Patricia’s interview with Carol Daniel here:


If you’d like to learn more about our suite of pre-retirement planning options, you can contact us here.

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