Emotional Intelligence Discussion on MichMash Podcast

emotional intelligence interview

Emotional Intelligence was on tap as Psychological Associates’ Dr. Patricia Bagsby recently sat down with Mich Hancock on her acclaimed MichMash podcast. Patricia and Mich talked about Patricia’s enthusiasm around helping individuals plan for the psychological elements of retirement. Patricia’s pioneering research in the field indicates that mindful, deliberate psychological planning for retirement can reap […]

Patricia Bagsby Discusses Retirement Planning on KMOX

Psychological Associates Patricia Bagsby

Patricia Bagsby, Ph.D., Vice President of Organizational Consulting for Psychological Associates, recently appeared on KMOX radio in St. Louis.  She talked with host Carol Daniel about the changing world of retirement, and what employers can do to better prepare themselves and their employees for the future. The transition from full-time employment to retirement is not […]

Discussing Non Financial Aspects of Retirement Planning on Fox 2 News

Psychological Associates Bagsby

Recently, Patricia Bagsby, Vice President of Organizational Consulting for Psychological Associates, appeared on Fox 2 News to discuss retirement planning from a psychological and emotional perspective. The conversation around retirement often focuses on financial planning. But this leaves out the equally important need for investment in an employee’s psychological well-being. Transitioning from full-time employment to retirement […]

Invest in Your Talent Before They Retire

Investing in your talent before they retire

You can almost see it happening. As if focused on an invisible countdown, employees seem to become more preoccupied with planning for retirement right around the time they turn 50.  As they begin to concentrate on the golden years ahead, many pre-retirees decrease involvement with their current work, check out of their workplace relationships, and […]