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Discussing Non Financial Aspects of Retirement Planning on Fox 2 News

Recently, Patricia Bagsby, Vice President of Organizational Consulting for Psychological Associates, appeared on Fox 2 News to discuss retirement planning from a psychological and emotional perspective.

The conversation around retirement often focuses on financial planning. But this leaves out the equally important need for investment in an employee’s psychological well-being.

Transitioning from full-time employment to retirement is not always easy or simple. Often, pre-retirees decrease their workload involvement, and quality of work may decline as their focus shifts toward planning for retirement. Pre-retirement coaching helps employees develop self-awareness and actively prepares them for the future in terms of optimally investing in their current role, as well as transitioning into life beyond full-time employment.

Employers benefit because their pre-retirees remain engaged with the organization, mentoring younger employees and sharing valuable insights and information. Pre-retirement coaching is also a key element of succession planning, as organizations transition key assignments from pre-retirees to younger employees.

Over a series of sessions, pre-retirement coaching enables corporations to assist their pre-retirees as they make the transition to retirement, while simultaneously redefining expectations and goals for their current roles. A focus on well-being — not just wealth — allows employees and employers to work together toward a better future.

Check out Dr. Bagsby’s interview here.

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