How Does Each Quadrant Show up to Wash Their Hands?

Right now, much of the country is working from home in an effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus. We’re staying six feet apart, sanitizing surfaces — and we’re all doing a whole lot of hand washing. That got Psychological Associates’ own Cindy Lefton, Ph.D., RN thinking — since hand washing is a behavior, how […]

Corralling Your Customers to Get Down to Business

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The Situation Bridget is in a position to land a hefty contract with Builtwell Industries. She has a good working relationship with Dave, the company’s purchasing agent. That’s helpful, because Dave will be presenting her proposal to Builtwell’s Procurement Board — they sign off on all big contracts. What isn’t helpful is Dave’s lack of […]

Too Much Socializing in the Workplace – Strategies for Handling (Actionable)

Too Much Socializing in the Workplace

Too Much Socializing in the Workplace Have you ever had an employee who spends so much time socializing that he doesn’t get his work done?  How do you handle this situation?  Should you avoid assigning him work that is more sociable?  Do you pair him with a teammate who is more task-oriented? Or something else?  […]

Is That Agreeable Prospect Actually Going to Sign With You?

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The Situation Jenna sells wholesale office supplies to businesses. She has called on prospect Andy several times in recent months. He seems to like her company’s products. She hopes that Andy will commit to a contract today: Andy: You want coffee? It’s about the only thing your company doesn’t provide (laughs). Jenna: I’m fine. Andy, […]