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Psychological Associates Announces New Organization Development Team

Psychological Associates is excited to announce the launch of its new organization development (OD) department.

PA’s increased focus on organizational development will allow our Consultants to partner with clients in a way that maximizes their transformational efforts beyond traditional human capital consulting.

Clay Hildebrand, President of Psychological Associates, notes, “We’re taking what’s really great about PA and Q4 behavior, and bringing it up a notch. It’s a whole new level of excellence.”

Introducing Dr. Cheryl Throgmorton

Key to the new OD team will be Dr. Cheryl Throgmorton. With a background focused on OD work in the health care sector and expertise in inclusion and diversity, Cheryl serves as the President of the St. Louis Organization Development Network. She’s also a trustee on the Board of the National ODN, an organization committed to the science, practice, and impact of organization development.

Says Patricia Bagsby, Vice President of Organizational Consulting and leader of the team:  “Cheryl is kind and genuine, and clients will love working with her. She embodies PA’s Q4 values: She’s highly collaborative, energetic, innovative — and relatable.”

Cheryl and the rest of the team will develop and provide OD solutions at both an organization-wide, higher, strategic level, and at the individual-contributor service level of executive coaching and leadership development training.

What Is Organization Development?

OD combines behavioral sciences, change management, and process improvement principles to revolutionize an organization at every level. It’s about proactive, planful interventions to maximize an organization’s well-being, aligning people, strategy, and management processes.

Writer Emily Douglas says, “Due to increased global competitiveness, changing stakeholder expectations, and disruptive technology, organizations in all sectors have to raise the bar. This means extensive organizational transformation, which requires enhanced leadership capacity and systems thinking and action.”

As the world of work continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, OD helps organizations adapt with proactive agility.

The Future of OD at PA

PA’s OD team will design, develop, and deliver solutions that will enable our clients to implement large-scale organizational change efforts. They’ll be integral to the continued creation and growth of PA’s bespoke, bundled human capital and talent management solutions, as well as the evolution of PA’s celebrated leadership development training.

“I have long admired the work of PA and I am so excited to have joined the team,” says Throgmorton. “One of my top strengths is maximizer — I look forward to partnering with Patricia and the team to elevate the already great services provided at PA.”

The team already plans to hire two additional Consultants over the next year.

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