Retention Conversation

Leading Retention-Focused One-on-One Conversations

While often overlooked, retention conversations (sometimes called “stay interviews”) are an important tool in any leadership toolkit. But if you’re waiting for a signal of discontent before you act, you may already be too late!

The Nightmare Scenario

Picture this nightmare: you are finishing up your email for the day and you receive an instant message from a member of your team. Chris just happens to be your best performer. Your heart starts pounding faster as you read the message. “I hate to do this to you but I’ve just accepted an offer…” What?! Not only was Chris really producing top work, but you thought he was happy with his role in your organization. Everything was just fine! What led Chris to start looking for other opportunities?

Does this sound familiar? Even in tumultuous times, the risk of losing top talent is ever-present. How does a leader anticipate and potentially mitigate that risk of great performers leaving?

Proactive Tools for Retention Conversations

The answer is two-fold. First, it’s about truly understanding what motivates each individual. Second, you need to have good, two-way conversations. That means really listening, exploring the performer’s interests, and learning what keeps him/her engaged in the work, the team, and the company.

In our latest webinar, David Rowan, Ph.D. and Marianne Whelchel provide an engaging and expansive look at what you can proactively do to keep Chris—and your other top talent—involved and satisfied.

Watch the full webinar and download our Retention Resource Guide below.

Ready to start having great retention-focused one-on-one discussions on your own team? Download our resource guide below.

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