Work-Home Boundaries

Webinar Replay: Work-Home Boundaries in a Work-From-Home World

Three months ago, many of us became unexpected participants in the world’s largest remote working experiment. For some, this change was welcome, for others it was an added challenge in an already challenging time. But there’s no question that it was an adjustment, and months later many are still working to find balance in the “new normal.”

Boundaries can be a powerful tool for creating balance. In their webinar “Work-Home Boundaries in a Work-From-Home World,” Michelle Western and Erick Briggs break down the basics of establishing and managing boundaries in a remote work environment. The tools and strategies provided are useful for those looking at long-term remote work, as well as anyone transitioning back to the office.

Check out the full webinar recording below.


Key Takeaways: Crafting Boundaries That Work For You

  • Boundary preferences exist on a spectrum. This spectrum runs from integrated to segmented. For example, someone who has a high integration preference when it comes to temporal boundaries would likely be fine taking work calls or answering emails after hours.
  • Find your rituals. It turns out that your morning commute was good for something! Creating patterns and behaviors that help you transition from home to work and vice-versa are important. This could be making a cup of coffee in the morning, or going for a walk around the block after work. Think about what you need to transition your headspace, even if you’re not physically going anywhere.
  • Communication is key. Thinking through your own boundaries is great, but if you don’t communicate them, they won’t get you very far. Sharing your boundary preferences will help set the stage for happier and healthier relationships, both at work and at home. Just remember, these conversations should always be Q4 respectful and results-oriented.

Ready to take control of your work-home boundaries? We’ve put together a handy resource to get you started. Download your free boundaries resource here.

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