Teams Groups or Mobs

Teams, Groups, or Mobs: Which One Do You Have?

More than ever, today’s business culture has shifted from the individuals diligently working alone at their desks, to teams working together.

Teamwork sounds great, in theory, but anytime you put varying groups of individuals together, there is the potential for conflicting points of view with negative consequences for the group — and the organization. In fact, teams are so critical to business success that Google spent two years studying their own teams, looking for patterns of success they could then replicate throughout the organization.

Maximizing Team Productivity

To maximize productivity, you have to maximize team interactions. And to do that, you have to understand how individual behaviors contribute to the overall team dynamic — for better or worse.

In this presentation, Emily Ingalls, Ph.D. shares how individual behaviors can impact team dynamics.  By recognizing those behaviors in others, as well as your yourself, you’ll be able to build high performing teams with a focus on accountability, candor and results.

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