In Leadership, Style IS Substance

Styles of Leadership Impact Success What makes the difference between the leader who rises steadily through the ranks of an organization versus the derailed executive whose career mysteriously jumps the track, short of expectations? A study by Psychological Associates suggests that a major factor governing executive success is leadership style. A majority of the successful […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times

Emotional Intelligence isn’t just a trendy buzzword. Understanding and improving the connection between our emotions and actions (and reactions) is crucial to both business and personal success. We all have different personalities, needs, wants, and ways of showing our emotions. Even in a best case scenario, managing these complex emotions takes tact and discipline — […]

How Does Each Quadrant Show up to Wash Their Hands?

Right now, much of the country is working from home in an effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus. We’re staying six feet apart, sanitizing surfaces — and we’re all doing a whole lot of hand washing. That got Psychological Associates’ own Cindy Lefton, Ph.D., RN thinking — since hand washing is a behavior, how […]

The Power of People Skills When You’re Working From Home

It’s the new reality: Ready or not, many of us will be working from home, effective immediately, and for who knows how long. We’ve been heading this way, of course. According to the Federal Reserve, the number of US employees working from home has tripled in the last 15 years. Many white collar workers have […]

Horror Stories: Three Bad Bosses You Meet at Work

bad bosses

Everyone has a horror story of a bad boss from their past. Some of them are legendarily bad, like the guy who asked his employees to help him hide his affairs from his spouse. Or you might have heard of bosses who make weird requests like coming up with science fair project ideas for the […]

Mastering Precepting Chapter by Drs. Cindy & Robert Lefton

Cindy and robert lefton mastering precepting

At Psychological Associates, it is our core belief that people from all industries, of all experience levels and backgrounds, can benefit from the application of the Dimensional Model of Behavior. That belief was once again put into action with the publishing of Mastering Precepting, Second Edition from Sigma Theta Tau International. The book serves as […]

Get Off That Sales Conversation Merry-Go-Round

selling behavior

The Situation Renée sells wholesale pet supplies to pet stores and veterinarians. She landed an appointment with Gerald, the buyer for a chain of pet stores. Soon after they begin their meeting, Gerald starts peppering Renée about her company’s policies. He’s reacting to information he found on her firm’s website: Round and Round to Nowhere […]

Coworkers Who Talk Too Much – How to Handle Someone who Rambles On

Coworkers Who Talk Too Much

Coworkers Who Talk Too Much How do you handle coworkers who talk too much and don’t get their work done?  Studies show that excessive workplace chatter can be harmful–moreso than you might think. Should you reassign them to roles that don’t entail talking?  Provide a financial incentive to hit their work goals, thereby incenting them […]

Convincing the Boss to Let Me Go To a Conference

influencing your boss

When You Disagree with Your Boss When you disagree with your boss, how do you influence him to budge?  For instance, you really want to attend a conference. You think it’d be good for the business. But your boss thinks you’d be better off doing work in the office. How to convince my boss to […]

When Your Customer Reads a Bad Online Review

how to deal with bad online review

The Situation Jenny is a sales rep for a company that supplies uniforms to the health care industry. Ruth is the supply coordinator for a hospital. She’s been renting nursing scrubs for her workforce from Jenny’s firm for about six months. Recently, Ruth was visiting an online customer review site of businesses and noticed a […]