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Take Five with Dr. Cheryl Throgmorton

It’s time again for our favorite segment, Take Five, where we get to know the Psychological Associates team a bit better.  Today we’re chatting with our newest Consultant, Cheryl Throgmorton, Ed.D. As Vice President of Organization Development, Cheryl is a key member of our new Organization Development Department. In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Q4 team, Cheryl is a delight to have around the office and we’re thrilled to have her with us. Take it away, Cheryl!

  1. Movie you quote from all the time?
    • I don’t do this, but I appreciate people who do. I do sometimes repeat the funny lines from My Cousin Vinny – it always makes me laugh.
  2. Coffee or tea?
    • Mild coffee with a lot of cream in the morning and typically hot jasmine green tea in the afternoon and evening.
  3. Favorite book?
    • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorites. I like a good fiction based within a true historical context. I like that the chapters alternate from a different female family member’s point of view. I also enjoy nonfiction written by researchers who write like novelists.
  4. Who inspires you?
    • My mom. At 94, she has been through a lot, and she is always grateful and almost always joyful.
  5. What’s your spirit animal?
    • One of my house cats
  6. What are you currently reading?
    • I am reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. I organize a neighborhood book club (the only way I get nonprofessional development books completely read) and we are discussing it soon. We have also read Evicted by sociologist Matthew Desmond (highly recommend this nonfiction) and Brother by David Chariandy. I facilitated a physician book club when I lived in Kalamazoo, MI – I highly recommend Being Mortal, Hot Zone, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down – all of which fall under the nonfiction written like fiction category.
  7. What are your pets’ names?
    • Current sweet kitties are Dewey and Primrose; they fill the home with love after losing Freddie and Spunky Joe over a year ago after 19 years of life.
  8. What’s your pop culture guilty pleasure?
    • Bravo TV reality shows
  9. Three words to describe yourself?
    • kind, compassionate, and inclusive
  10. What’s your proudest moment at PA?
    • Getting hired to the new OD team!
Cheryl Throgmorton Psychological AssociatesCheryl Throgmorton Psychological Associates

Cheryl Throgmorton Take Five

Cheryl Throgmorton Psychological Associates

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