Are You Keeping Performance Discussions on Track?

Dec. 18th, 2019

The Situation

Sam leads corporate development for a financial organization with an aggressive program for expansion into other regions. Sam’s team is responsible for building new facilities. One team member, Daniel, specializes in locating desirable properties.

Lately, Sam has noticed that Daniel’s work is not up to his normally high standards. The team is heading into a busy stretch, but just when activity is heating up, Daniel is dragging down the team’s efforts. Normally, his analysis is very good, but now he seems to have a lot of excuses for late and sub-par work.

Coaching Challenges

Sam feels Daniel hasn’t been hitting his targets for some time. Daniel has a lot of excuses for his recent performance; some of them are real, but they don’t account for the full picture. Daniel used to come through without fail, but now it’s one thing after another. With demanding work coming in the next couple of months, Sam needs to coach Daniel, but he’s not certain Daniel recognizes the problem.

How should Sam coach Daniel to get back on track?

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