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Q4 All Stars Shine Bright at Psychological Associates

On any given day, Psychological Associates’ programs and solutions are making a difference in organizations across the country and the world. From leadership development programs to executive coaching, assessment for selection, and 360° surveys, our team works to support companies through improved communication and people skills.

Behind the scenes, our team works tirelessly to make the Q4 magic happen. We recently celebrated Employee Appreciation Day, and we’d like to take a moment to highlight both the value of our amazing team, and the recognition practices we have adopted to lift them up.

The Friday Huddle

Every Friday morning, we gather for a weekly ritual — our all-team huddle. This quick meeting prevents siloing and allows team members to share updates on projects and products. There are usually donuts or bagels, but there’s one treat that everyone looks forward to the most: The reading of that week’s Q4 All Stars.

Why Is the Q4 All Stars Program a Valuable Addition to PA?

Employee recognition is not as standard or as celebrated as it should be. However, the truth is, employee appreciation is a critical piece of  any inclusive company culture. When employees can see that their work is appreciated, they feel good about their accomplishments, and these positive responses radiate throughout the organization.

Bringing the Q4 All-Stars initiative to PA served as a platform to help bring awareness to the stellar accomplishments that our employees achieve day in and day out. Employees are at the heart of this organization, and it was time to bring the proper awareness forward.

Q4 All-Star nominations are submitted for actions both big and small, so long as that action reflects our organizational values. These are:

  • Q4 Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Trusted Partnership
  • Quality Experience Driven
  • Enjoyable to Work With

What Does This Look Like in Practice?

We’re glad you asked! Allow us to share a just a few of our recent submissions from the Q4 All-Star pool:

Senida continues to display great client service and is committed to raising the office morale.”

Amanda, your positive attitude brings great joy to your co-workers. Also, you did an amazing job filling in for Janis while she was on vacation. That is a difficult responsibility and you deserve recognition for your efforts.”

“Eugenia, you are always a joy to work with! And I appreciate everything that I’ve learned this month, and all your time and dedication to helping us all learn more during Black History Month.”

Melissa, Thank you for ALWAYS juggling so many things, and doing it so well! You have a lot of knowledge, and always take time to answer questions and help people who need it. You are also great at boosting morale in the office, whether it’s a Friday Dance Party or treats at your desk–you’re always building community and bringing a smile to our workday.”

This is just a small sampling of the inspiring and kind work that happens every day at Psychological Associates. We can’t wait to see what this week’s round of nominations has in store.

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