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Psychological Associates Featured on St. Louis Presents

Lights, camera, action! This week, Psychological Associates President, Clay Hildebrand, and Vice President of Organizational Consulting, Patricia Bagsby, were featured on St. Louis Presents, a weekly current affairs show that profiles people and organizations who are making a difference in the St. Louis area.  Clay and Patricia were there to discuss PA’s unique human capital solutions and services, specifically, our new workshop on emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

The four-hour training program, called Focus on Self, highlights the importance of self-awareness in leadership development. This self-awareness is achieved through activities which identify and optimize productive patterns of thoughts and emotions as a foundation for choosing effective leadership behaviors. Through team activities and personal reflection, participants develop and strengthen their intuition, learn to manage their emotions, and self-motivate for productivity and growth.

Patricia developed the workshop, based on her 10 years of experience in leadership development, facilitation, and training and program development.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

“Emotional intelligence is more than just a trendy buzzword,” said Patricia. “Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and actions is crucial to both business and personal success.  In this workshop, participants develop skills and techniques that will help them manage their work relationships more effectively, enhancing team performance and overall career success.”

As our organization celebrates 60 years in business, we’re excited to continue building on our founding ideas and principles — that self-awareness, along with impactful behavioral tools, produces great leaders.

Check out Clay and Patricia on St. Louis Presents:

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