Employee Engagement in the Era of Remote Work

Selection and Development

These days, it would be an understatement to say workers have a lot on their plates. Employees are juggling the stress of an ongoing global health crisis, economic uncertainty, not to mention a dramatic shift in the way we work and communicate. Given all of the challenges your team is likely facing, actively promoting employee […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times Part 2 – Webinar Replay

emotional intelligence

In Part 2 of our series on Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times, Dr. David Rowan and Michelle Western, M.A. discuss the external elements of emotional intelligence. Focusing on social awareness and relationship management, they’ll examine how we can all use empathy and teamwork skills to positively impact our interactions with others. Once you’ve watched the […]

Emotional Intelligence Tips

emotional intelligence

In a recent webinar exploring the external elements of emotional intelligence, David Rowan and Michelle Western shared their top Do’s and Don’ts. Empathy Empathy is a key element of social awareness. It’s about understanding how others might be feeling, and how groups of people might react to changes and challenges. Empathy is the ability and […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times – Webinar Replay

emotional intelligence

At work and home (which are pretty much the same thing these days, right?), everyone’s dealing with new emotions, in new ways. Emotional intelligence is more important than ever.  In this complimentary webinar, Dr. David Rowan and Michelle Western, M.A., discuss why we need emotional intelligence. You will learn: What Emotional Intelligence is A Model of […]

Emotional Intelligence in Challenging Times

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence isn’t just a trendy buzzword. Understanding and improving the connection between our emotions and actions (and reactions) is crucial to both business and personal success. We all have different personalities, needs, wants, and ways of showing our emotions. Even in a best case scenario, managing these complex emotions takes tact and discipline — […]

Emotional Intelligence Discussion on MichMash Podcast

emotional intelligence interview

Emotional Intelligence was on tap as Psychological Associates’ Dr. Patricia Bagsby recently sat down with Mich Hancock on her acclaimed MichMash podcast. Patricia and Mich talked about Patricia’s enthusiasm around helping individuals plan for the psychological elements of retirement. Patricia’s pioneering research in the field indicates that mindful, deliberate psychological planning for retirement can reap […]

Patricia Bagsby Named One of St. Louis’ Top Millennials

Patricia Bagsby

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Bagsby on being named one of Small Business Monthly’s Top Millennials in St. Louis! Patricia has been on a media blitz this month, and her star just keeps rising. As Vice President of Organizational Consulting, Patricia has brought a wealth of experience in training and program development to Psychological Associates. In her […]

Psychological Associates Featured on St. Louis Presents

Emotional Intelligence Radio Interview

Lights, camera, action! This week, Psychological Associates President, Clay Hildebrand, and Vice President of Organizational Consulting, Patricia Bagsby, were featured on St. Louis Presents, a weekly current affairs show that profiles people and organizations who are making a difference in the St. Louis area.  Clay and Patricia were there to discuss PA’s unique human capital solutions […]