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Emily Ingalls Appears on Let’s Work on Work Podcast

PA Vice President of Organizational Consulting Dr. Emily Ingalls recently appeared on the Let’s Work on Work podcast.

Hosted by Edgehill Consultants’ dynamic mother-daughter duo of Lynne Hayes and Emmy Hayes, Let’s Work on Work explores generational issues in the workplace. Their wide-ranging conversation with Emily, titled “Stand on Your Experience,” covered topics from her educational background to her career philosophy to her consulting and facilitation work with Psychological Associates.

Emily’s background as a millennial gives her a unique experience in the field of organizational-industrial psychology. In turn, she is well-armed to explain behavioral science principles to a new generation of workers and leaders, as a facilitator of our Leadership Through People Skills workshop.

To hear Emily’s insightful, funny conversation with Lynne and Emmy, click on the image below! You’ll want to stick around until the end to hear Emily’s Myers-Briggs type…and the surprising Harry Potter character connected to that type!

Episode 13_Emily Ingalls podcast


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