Emily Ingalls Appears on Let’s Work on Work Podcast

Emily Ingalls podcast

PA Vice President of Organizational Consulting Dr. Emily Ingalls recently appeared on the Let’s Work on Work podcast. Hosted by Edgehill Consultants’ dynamic mother-daughter duo of Lynne Hayes and Emmy Hayes, Let’s Work on Work explores generational issues in the workplace. Their wide-ranging conversation with Emily, titled “Stand on Your Experience,” covered topics from her […]

The Art of Questioning: Adapt Your Probes to the Other Person’s Behavior

the art of questioning

Effective Questioning Adapts to the Person When you’re pulled in so many different directions at work each day, time is precious. It can feel easier to send another e-mail than to have a one-on-one conversation. But does e-mail really save time?  Your recipient can potentially misunderstand the tone of your message, or you might spend […]

3 Tips for Effective Listening

tips for effective listening

The Power of Listening Have you ever been frustrated by someone who doesn’t listen? Listening is a wonderful gift. It doesn’t cost anything to listen better–just a little time and your attention.  Being heard makes employees feel motivated, involved, and successful. Listening at Work However, effective listening is too often lacking in business. In this […]

How to Handle a Condescending Boss

how to deal with a condescending boss

Condescending Boss Dealing with an arrogant boss does not rank on on the list of favorite work activities!  How to deal with a condescending boss who thinks he knows all the answers and looks down on you? We’ll explore 3 alternatives and provide guidance to help you navigate these challenging waters adroitly.  As an added […]

Facilitator Talks about Leadership Through People Skills Workshop

leadership through people skills workshop

Lynne Hayes, founder and CEO of Edgehill Consultants, is a corporate trainer and instructional designer. She has years of experience facilitating a variety of workshops for many different organizations.  Lynne has been facilitating Leadership Through People Skills for the past year. We sat down with Lynne to get her thoughts on this new program that […]