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Take Five With Connie Voelker

We’re back with an all new Take Five, where we get to know the Psychological Associates staff a little better.

Today, we’ll get to know Senior Project Coordinator Connie Voelker. In an office full of devoted Cardinals’ fans, there’s none bigger than Connie. She’s also legendary for her baking skills around here. Take it away, Connie!

  1. Favorite lunch spot?
    • Dobyns Dining Room at the Keeter Center
  2. Favorite book?
    • Leaves of Grass
  3. What’s your spirit animal?
    • An orangutan
  4. What are you currently watching/reading?
    • Survivor
  5. What’s your pet’s name?
    • Lucky
  6. Baseball or hockey?
    • St. Louis Cardinals Baseball!
  7. Favorite snack?
    • The Cardinal Sin Sundae (Ted Drewes frozen custard, tart cherries, covered in hot fudge)
  8. What’s your pop culture guilty pleasure?
    • 80’s on 8 radio
  9. Three words to describe yourself?
    • Out of shape

Thanks, Connie!


Connie Voelker

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