Patricia Bagsby

We Discuss Coaching and Continuous Improvement on Lead Up for Women Podcast

Empowering leaders through coaching, and the value of a continuous improvement mindset.  These topics were front and center on the Lead Up for Women Podcast.  Co-hosts Colleen Biggs and Keira Pulson interviewed Psychological Associates consultant, Dr. Patricia Bagsby.  You can listen to the podcast here.

Lead Up for Women

Dr. Bagsby also spoke recently at the Lead Up For Women leadership panel discussion in Nashville, Tennessee. Part of Lead Up For Women’s nationwide tour, this event aims to empower women of all backgrounds to recognize and reach their greatest potential. Dr. Bagsby spoke alongside Lead Up For Women Co-Founder Colleen Biggs, LifeSource Training President/CEO Meredith Townsend-Howard, and CEO, Social Media Strategist & Executive Director of The Red Carpet Connection & Sponsorship Agency, Andrea Adams-Miller.

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