Q4 Community Leadership Grant

Q4 Community Leadership Grant Awarded to Operation Food Search

On Monday, September 9, Operation Food Search was awarded the first Q4 Community Leadership Grant from Psychological Associates.

Leading the Fight Against Hunger

Operation Food Search

Since its inception in 1981, Operation Food Search has collected and distributed more than $500 million worth of food. Operating in over 31 counties in Missouri, Illinois, and the City of St. Louis, Operation Food Search provides free food to more than 200,000 people every month.

Psychological Associates is proud to work with an organization that is clearly going above and beyond to combat hunger in our own community. Not only do they provide meals for thousands of children each year through their “out of school” programs, addressing an immediate, urgent need, but Operation Food Search also has programs in place to prevent hunger from happening in the first place. By partnering with school districts, hospitals, financial institutions, and private businesses,  OFS is creating a hunger-informed community so that we can come together to combat this ever-present issue.

Q4 Community Leadership Grant

A new initiative for 2019, Psychological Associates is excited to give away two seats at each of our upcoming Leadership Through People Skills workshops to leaders of non-profit organizations. This is an exciting development opportunity for leaders working to enrich and support our St. Louis community.

In order to receive a Q4 Community Leadership Grant, recipients must demonstrate how leadership development supports their mission, and indicate how the learning and skills gained at our workshop will be put to use for the betterment of the community they serve.

Applications are still open for one seat at our October 8 – 10 workshop and two seats at the December 17 – 19 workshop. Leaders at non-profit organizations can apply here.

For more information about the Q4 Community Leadership Grant, please contact Jessica Lefton at jessicalefton@q4solutions.com

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