turn managers into leaders with the Q4 Edge

Turn Managers Into Leaders With The Q4 Edge

According to an article from the Association for Talent Development, “Managers are more concerned with process; leaders are concerned with impact.” It’s not enough to make sure the tasks are getting done. Are you inspiring your people to surpass their goals? To think outside the box? To innovate in ways that could grow your organization?

Turn your managers into leaders with PA’s new e-learning leadership development solution: The Q4 Edge.

Combining the flexibility of virtual learning with the real-world practice that’s a hallmark of Q4 leadership development, The Q4 Edge provides managers with a strong foundation to start their leadership journey. With clear solutions to complex issues,  participants will develop a personal strategy for becoming a more effective leader.

How Does The Q4 Edge Work?

Combining the latest in instructional design with our time-tested, practical behavioral skills, the program blends e-learning modules that provide flexibility for busy schedules, with a one-day in-person workshop, where participants put the concepts into practice via a real-life case. The e-learning is fun and interactive, with videos, quizzes, readings, and other activities designed to keep the learner engaged.

Who Should Attend The Q4 Edge?

The Q4 Edge is aimed at leaders and managers who help others develop and perform. Participants include new managers, line managers, team leads, project managers, supervisors, and customer service managers.

Throughout the program, participants develop a flexible framework for identifying and adapting effective leadership behaviors. The tools taught in The Q4 Edge are fluid — they’re applicable to a variety of situations and roles, making them essential for leaders in any industry or work environment.

What Are the Skills You’ll Learn in The Q4 Edge?

Q4 behavioral skills are what set The Q4 Edge apart. Through the program, managers gain insights that help them recognize and manage their own behavior, leading to more respectful, more results-focused interactions. In addition to the benefits of greater self-awareness, managers will:

  • Discover how to manage challenging behavior in others.
  • Understand how to communicate clearly and effectively with their teams.
  • Recognize how to involve their people in problem-solving, making them more efficient and productive.
  • Learn to hold conversations that build successful teams and support performance.
  • Understand how to communicate clearly and effectively, and to manage challenging behavior in others.

In short, The Q4 Edge transforms a manager into a leader.

To schedule a demo of The Q4 Edge for your organization, contact Clay Hildebrand at childebrand@q4solutions.com or call (314) 725-7771.

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